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    How to recover PostePay password

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    Recover the password of the PostePay site

    want recover password to access the account you created on the Poste cittàne website, in order to check your balance and movements American Express? In this case, know that you can do it in at least two ways: by carrying out the "classic" online password recovery procedure or by contacting the toll-free number of Poste cittàne. In both cases, then, an SMS will be sent to the number you indicated when registering on the site, which will contain a temporary password that can be changed at the next login. Find everything explained in detail right below.

    Online password recovery

    If you want to carry out the procedure of online password recovery, all you have to do is connect to the appropriate page of the Poste cittàne website and follow the simple wizard you see on the screen to reset the account password.

    Then connect to the Password recovery page of the site and type yours in the appropriate text fields user ID and the relative control code displayed in the image located at the bottom left, then presses the blue button Continue.

    In the unfortunate event that you don't even remember theuser ID of your PostePay account, connected to this page, write yours in the appropriate text fields fiscal Code and security code displayed in the image located at the bottom left and presses the blue button Continue. Within a few seconds, you will receive an informative SMS to the mobile number attached to your account that will remind you of the username you registered with.

    Returning to the password recovery procedure, after entering yours in the appropriate fields user ID and control code displayed in the image and after pressing the button Continue, type il tuo fiscal Code in the text field you see on the screen and presses the blue button again Continue located at the bottom.

    Within a few moments, you will receive an SMS to the number you indicated when registering your account containing a temporary password. Connected, then, to the login page of your account, presses on the card Private (if necessary), type your username in the text field Username, write the temporary password that you have just received via SMS in the text field Password and then presses the yellow button Log in.

    Mission accomplished! Now all you have to do is change the temporary password you received via SMS. Pigia, therefore, on yours name and surname (top right), select the item Settingsclick here Password and security and change the password currently in use by clicking on the icon pen.

    Finally, type in the appropriate text fields the Current Password new password (twice) and then click on the button Save.

    From this moment on, you will be able to access your PostePay account using the new password you set after recovering your account. Did you see that it wasn't as complicated as it seemed?

    Password recovery by phone

    You wish to carry out the procedure of password recovery of your PostePay account by contacting the Customer Service of Poste cittàne via phone? No problem. Before giving you instructions on the matter, however, I invite you to keep your tax code at hand, because you will have to provide it to the operator who will handle your request.

    To request the recovery of the PostePay password by telephone, you must call the toll-free number 803 160, available from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 to 20:00. Please note that the call is free, but must be made from a landline. If you want to call from your mobile number, however, you have to dial the number 199 100 160: in the latter case, the cost of the call is linked to the tariff plan provided by your operator and is equal to a maximum of € 0,60 / minute + € 0,15 connection fee.

    After calling the number in question, follow the instructions given to you by the voice guide to get in touch with an operator specialized in the assistance of PostePay services (at the time of writing, you must press the button 4 and then wait online). The operator you will be put in contact with will ask you to provide your personal data, including your tax code: be ready to provide all the information you are asked for and to follow the instructions you will receive.

    The operator who will assist you should ensure that an SMS containing a temporary password is sent to the mobile number you provided when registering your PostePay account, which you will need to change after logging into your account. At that point, you can take advantage of the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter to proceed with the password change. Simple, right?

    Recover PostePay password to withdraw

    want recover the PostePay password used to withdraw, which is the secret PIN that you should have kept in a safe place? If so, know that it is possible to do this too. Before explaining how to proceed, however, I invite you to search among the documents that you should keep at home for the envelope that was given to you when the card was activated, since it contains the PIN associated with your card.

    If you can find the envelope in question, you no longer need to know how to recover the PIN. Otherwise, instead, you will have to request a replacement one from Poste cittàne customer care. The support number you need to contact in this case is 800 003 322. I remind you that the call is free, and the service is active from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00.

    After dialing the number in question, all you have to do is follow the instructions given to you by the voice guide to get in touch with a Poste cittàne support operator. At the time of this writing, the right combination to request a duplicate lost PIN is 1-1-4. However, since Poste cittàne could change the combination in question at any time, I invite you to listen carefully to the instructions of the voice guide and to follow them.

    As soon as you have the opportunity to speak with a Poste cittàne Customer Service operator, explain the reason for your call and the problems you encountered. Then provide all the information that the operator will ask you and follow his instructions thanks to which you will be able to receive a replacement PIN, which will be delivered to your home in a sealed envelope and which you can use to withdraw from your account.

    As an alternative to the procedure I have just indicated, you can request the replacement PIN of your PostePay by going to thepost office nearest (click here to search for the one in your area). I remind you that you can book the ticket through the app Post office, available for both Android and iOS.

    To book the ticket, just press on yellow placeholder corresponding to the post office you want to go to, tap the postal ticket, select the type of ticket you want to book (eg. Payments and withdrawals) and choose theNow that you prefer (based on the time slots still available).

    Once it arrives in the mail, scan the QR Code of the electronic ticket by bringing the screen of your device close to the reader located on the yellow totem seat at the entrance to the office or, alternatively, take the paper ticket (if you have not made a telephone reservation). When it is your turn and you will be able to speak to an operator present in the post office, ask for assistance regarding the duplicate PIN of your PostePay.

    How to recover PostePay password

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