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    How to recover iCloud password

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    Recover password

    If you are interested in understanding what to do in order to recover iCloud password, the first thing you need to do is to click here so that you can immediately connect to Apple's iCloud website.

    Then, press on the voice Forgot Apple ID or password? located under the fields displayed on the screen through which to log in to the service and wait for the opening of a new tab in the web browser window.

    In the new web page that will open at this point, type your iCloud account in the empty field in the center of the screen under the heading Enter your Apple ID to get started then click Continue.

    At this point, indicate the method by which you intend to authenticate to your account: you can put a check mark next to Ricevere un'email, to receive an e-mail message from Apple to the addresses registered for your account containing a link through which you can reset your iCloud password, or you can put a check mark next to Answer the security questions:, to recover iCloud password by answering the security questions you provided when creating your account. Once you have chosen the desired system, in order to recover iCloud password, presses on the item Continue.

    If you have chosen authentication via email, wait for a warning to appear on the screen indicate the fact that the message has been sent and then access at least one of the email addresses registered for your account. Then open the section Incoming mail o inbox of your inbox, presses on the email sent by Apple and follow the instructions in it, taking care to click on the appropriate link to change the iCloud password. Then, follow the simple directions shown on the screen.

    If, on the other hand, you have chosen to recover iCloud password by answering the security questions, indicate your date of birth using the appropriate drop-down menus that will be shown on the screen and then click on the button Continue and fill in the text fields displayed taking care to answer the questions correctly. Then you will be shown a new screen through which you can change the password previously associated with your account.

    If your account is protected by XNUMX-Step Verification you will need to do the following instead. To begin, provide your recovery key and click Continue then select a trusted device or phone number by following the appropriate procedure that is shown on the screen and wait a few moments in order to receive the security code directly on the chosen device or via SMS on the selected phone number.

    Then, type the security code obtained in the appropriate field visible on the screen and then set a new keyword for your account by typing it in the appropriate field displayed on the screen and then pressing the button Reset password.

    Please note: If you try and fail to recover iCloud password several times in a row, your account will remain locked. You will be able to carry out further tests starting the following day.

    After completing all the steps to recover iCloud password, you will be asked to log in again with the new password. Note that in some cases it may also be necessary to update the password for the Apple services you use and on your devices.

    In case of problems

    Have you forgotten not only the password associated with your Apple ID but also the email address used to log in to it? Well, don't worry, even then it's possible to cope with it. How? To begin with, click on the item Forgot your Apple ID? annexed to the section Enter your Apple ID to get started which you can access by clicking here.

    Then enter your name, surname and email address in the respective fields and presses on the item Continue after that, if the system recognizes your personal information, you will be redirected to the password reset page like the one we analyzed earlier. At this point, follow the path illustrated in the previous lines and you will see that in no time you will be able to recover your Apple ID and, consequently, to recover iCloud password.

    Do you want to recover iCloud password but are you having some problems? In that case I suggest you get in touch with Apple's support service.

    To do this, click here and depending on your preferences and needs you can choose between Password reset (to get help trying to reset your account password), Talk to Apple Support now (to get in touch with Apple Support immediately by phone), Schedule a call (to schedule a phone call) or Call Apple Support at another time (to leave your contact details and information and call support at a later time in order to save time having to provide details).

    At this point, click on the option corresponding to your choice and then follow the simple wizard that is shown to you on the screen.

    Clearly, based on the choice you made, the procedure to follow on the screen to obtain assistance from Apple to be able to recover iCloud password may be slightly different.

    How to recover iCloud password

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