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    How to find out WiFi passwords with iPhone

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    Discover WiFi passwords with iPhones of networks you are already connected to

    Do you no longer remember the password of the WiFi network you are connected to from your iPhone and want to find out by acting directly from the "iPhone by"? No problem, find all the information you need right below.

    The practice, I anticipate it right away, is a little "convoluted" but nothing impossible, at least not following my instructions on what to do and putting in a minimum of effort.

    Via the control panel of the modem / router

    To succeed in your intent, or to discover the WiFi password with the iPhone, you can use the control panel of your way / router. So, to begin with, grab your iPhone, unlock it and press the icon of Settings (Quella a forma di gear) then stop on the item Wi-Fi in the screen that appears and then on the "I" found next to the name of the wireless network you are connected to.

    On the next screen, locate the entry Router then press on it and continue to hold it down for a few moments and choose Copy from the menu that appears. By doing so you will take note of the IP address of your modem / router.

    Now, go back to the home screen of the device and then stop on the icon Safari (Quella with the compass on a white background) or on that of the browser you usually use to surf the net from your iDeivce (eg. Chrome), presses on the address bar at the top of the screen and continues to hold down for a few moments and from the menu that appears choose Paste and browse.

    At this point, you should find yourself in front of a screen where you are asked to enter your username and password to access the control panel of the modem / router. Then enter the required data and step on Log in. If you don't already know the necessary credentials, keep in mind that in most cases the data to use is admin / admin o admin / password. If they are not correct, you should find them indicated on the label affixed to the side or under the modem / router or in the user manual of the latter. If you have any further problems, follow the directions I gave you in my tutorial on how to see the modem password.

    Once you have accessed the main page of the control panel of your modem / router, to go to the real heart of the matter, that is to say to find out the WiFi password with your iPhone, you must go to the section dedicated to wireless network management, locate the entry Password o Passphrase and take note of what is reported alongside. Your wireless network password is right there!

    Unfortunately, I cannot be more specific than that on what concerns the sections to be accessed in the modem / router management panel and on the items to be selected since, although all the devices in the category have the same operation for good or bad, they can still differ. each other for this or that other function. Therefore, should my indications prove to be inaccurate, try to rely on your intuition as well as on common sense. It's not complicated anyway, believe me.

    Through the Mac

    If you have connected to a wireless connection from your iPhone and coupled with the latter you also use a Mac (which must be connected to the same Apple ID entered on the iPhone) and you have used the iCloud keychain (more info here), you can find the WiFi network password even from macOS, without your computer needing to connect to it.

    You ask me how to do it? I'll explain it to you right away! On Mac, open the application Portachiavi access clicking on the relative icon attached to the folder Other of Launchpad (otherwise call it back via SpotlightCrab or accessing the cartella Applications> Utilities). In the window that appears on the desktop, click on System e Password in the left sidebar and then double-click the name of the wireless network you connected to from your iPhone.

    In the new window that has opened, check the box for the item Show the password, enter the password of your user account on macOS and click on OK. Be richiesto, enter again no utente e password di macOS e clicca su Allow after which you will see the password appear in correspondence with the field Show the password. If it is covered by dots, check the adjacent box to display it.

    Find out WiFi passwords with iPhones from other people's networks

    As anticipated at the beginning, you can find out the WiFi password directly with your iPhone even for what concerns the wireless networks to which you have never connected.

    Contrary to what one might think, however, it is a practice with a rather difficult success (and fortunately, I would add!) And which must be used only and exclusively for testing purposes as, as already specified (but to underline it again is a must! ), accessing the wireless networks of others without permission is tantamount to committing a very serious violation of privacy. That said, keep reading, you will find all the info about it below.

    Wifi Pass

    To find the WiFi password of others with your iPhone, you can first go to the app Wifi Pass. This is a no-cost resource that, based on a database leaked online years ago, allows you to trace the default access keys of the old Alice and Fastweb modems / routers. As can be easily understood, it is practically ineffective for what concerns the most recent modems / routers and / or with networks to which the default password has been changed. However, as they say, keeping is not harmful.

    To use it, first download the app by connecting to the relevant section on the App Store and tapping the button Ottieni / Installa then start it select the tab Alice or the card Fastweb, based on what the reference network is.

    Then type the name of the connection relative to which you would like to find the password and step on the button Calculate. Wait a few moments for the aforementioned database to be analyzed and the network is included in the latter, so you will be revealed the relative access key.

    iWep Pro

    You can also succeed in your intent by using some tweaks available on Cydia, therefore to the prerogative of those who have carried out the jailbreak on the iPhone, which, in fact, allows you to perform many operations that would not normally be allowed, first of all the installation of apps from sources external to the Apple App Store (for May info, read my article on how to jailbreak iPhone ).

    However, there aren't many tweaks useful for this purpose. Among the few available and concretely useful I point out iWep PRO which only works with iOS versions up to 9.x. However, its effectiveness is quite limited, in fact it can only attack certain modems / routers and only networks protected with the now obsolete WEP encryption technology.

    To use it, all you have to do is start the tweak, select one of the vulnerable networks (those highlighted in blue) and wait a few moments for the network to be violated.

    Good tips for securing your WiFi network

    As you had the opportunity to discover with me in the previous step, discovering the WiFi password of others with the iPhone is difficult but there is still a remote possibility that it is feasible.

    Precisely for this reason and in any case to avoid any kind of problem, I suggest you put into practice some common sense rules, the ones you find below, through which, in fact, you can try to preserve the integrity of the your wireless network, both with and without your Phone.

    • Use the encryption algorithm WPA2-AES - In the current state of things, WPA2-AES is the most secure standard for passwords of wireless networks of all, so I suggest you always prefer it to all the others. To find out more about it, I recommend that you read my guide on how to set WiFi passwords.
    • Use one secure password - A password can be defined as secure when it is composed of at least 12-16 characters as well as when it does not make sense and is alphanumeric. As soon as possible, try to change the default password of the wireless network generated by your modem / router. For more details, you can refer to my post on how to make a secure password.
    • Change the combination username / password - As we saw in the previous lines, modems / routers use a default username and password combination to access their control panel. I suggest you change it and set one to peace in such a way as not to make it recoverable by any malicious people. To find out more, read my post on how to change the modem password.
    • Disable the feature WPS - The feature in question is very convenient for making quick connections to the wireless network but also and above all has security flaws that can be exploited by malicious people to "break" the WiFi. So… disable it! To understand how to proceed, read my post on how to access the modem bearing in mind that to disable the aforementioned function generally you need to go to the administration section of the modem / router management panel.
    How to find out WiFi passwords with iPhone

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