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    How to change WiFi TIM password

    Access the TIM modem

    The first fundamental step you must take in order to change the WiFi password of your TIM modem is to access the device management panel. You ask me how to do it? Nothing simpler! To do this, all you have to do is enter the address of the modem in the address bar (indeed!) Of the web browser and log in.

    More in detail, what you have to do is start the program to surf the net that you prefer on your computer (eg. Chrome o Safari) and proceed as indicated below.

    • If you are using an ADSL connection - Type the address http://alicegate and press the button Submit on the keyboard.
    • If you are using a fiber optic connection - Type the address http://modemtelecom and press (even in this case) the button Submit on the keyboard.

    In the unfortunate case in which, while typing the addresses I gave you just now, you are unable to reach the modem management panel, try to enter the IP of the device directly in the browser bar: o Again, you will have to press the button afterwards Submit sulla tastiera of the computer.

    If you still can't solve it in this way, access the settings of the network in use and get the IP address directly from there. How you do it? It's very simple. Find out how to proceed on both Windows and Mac right below.

    • If you use a Windows PC - click on your button Home and search Panel of control in the menu that opens. Then select the icon of control panel Windows classic, go on Rete and Internet network and sharing center, select the name of the connection in use (eg. EthernetWi-Fi) and click on your button Details. You will find the IP address of your router in correspondence with the entry IPv4 default gateway.

    • If you use a Mac - Go to System preference (the gear icon located in the Dock bar), presses on Network and choose the name of the connection in use (eg. Wi-Fi) from the window you see appear. Click on the button Advanced, select the scheda TCP / IP and you will find the address of the router in correspondence with the wording Router.

    As a last resort, if despite my instructions you still cannot find the IP address of the modem or the browser cannot open the device management page, try to take a look under the device or to the side, you should find us a label with the IP address to use indicated on it, or on the User Manual, in which there should be a dedicated section.

    You can also try to solve by connecting the modem to the computer using the Ethernet cable and repeating from the beginning the indications I have given you in the previous lines.

    Once you have typed in the correct address of the modem you will find yourself in front of the page to log in to the device management panel. To log in, you must enter a specific password. If this is the first time you try to access the TIM modem settings page, press the button Log in and you can then configure a new password to protect the device from unauthorized access by entering it in the fields Set password e Repeat the password.

    As for the choice of the password, I suggest you set one that is sufficiently complex and then pin it in a safe place so as to make it inaccessible to third parties and be able to recover it in case you need it!

    If instead by clicking the button Log in can't move on, try entering a default username and password combination. The most common are admin / admin o admin / password but for safety even in this case you can check under the modem or on the side (looking for the aforementioned label) or in the instruction booklet (there should be another dedicated section).

    If not even as I have just indicated you are able to solve it, you can cope with the thing by going to carry out the reset of the device. To do this, take a pointed object (eg the tip of a paper clip) and hold down the reset button (usually the small black one located on the back of the modem) for about 30 seconds. Once this is done, the modem will turn off completely after which all the LEDs on the device will turn on again (to indicate that the reset was successful). The procedure is very simple to carry out but if you still feel you need more details you can take a look at my tutorial dedicated to the topic: how to reset Telecom modem.

    Change the WiFi password

    Once you have accessed the modem management panel, you can finally proceed by changing the TIM WiFi password. To do this, follow the instructions below based on the make and model of modem in your possession.

    In general, however, keep in mind that the password you are going to choose for your WiFi network must be 24-32 characters long as well as difficult to identify. It must not have a complete sense and must not be composed of various types of characters (lowercase letters, uppercase letters and numbers).

    As for the choice of encryption, I suggest that WPA2 or that WPA-PSK TKIP-AES 256 bit which at the time of writing are the safest standards. WEP encryption, on the other hand, is obsolete and easily subject to attacks by cybercriminals, so I strongly advise you to avoid it.

    • If you have a Sercomm - Select the tab WiFi at the top right, choose the network to which to change the password (2.4GHz o 5GHz), go to its configuration menu and click on the button Edit key. Then type the new key to use for the WiFi network in the form that is shown to you and click on the button Save to complete the procedure. If you have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks active, please change the password of both.
    • If you have a Technicolor Smart Modem - Select the network whose password you want to change (2.4GHz o 5GHz) via the box Wi-Fi at the bottom left, enter the encryption key you want to use for the network in the relevant field and press the button OK to save the changes. Remember to change both the 2.4GHz network password and the 5GHz network password.

    • If you have an Alice Gate VoIP 2 plus Wi-Fi - In this specific case you cannot cchange WiFi Telecom password. You can only use the encryption key associated with the card inserted in the device.
    • If you have an ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N DA2210 - Click Basic Settings, select the voice Wi-Fi in the left sidebar and go up Main Wi-Fi. At this point, select the tab Configure Wi-Fi and set the encryption mode and an encryption key of your choice. Then remember to save your changes by clicking on Save.

    • If you have a Telecom Fibra modem - Cheap with Basic Settings and on the voice Wi-Fi in the left sidebar. Then select the item 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi o Wi-Fi 5GHz from the side menu, click on the tab Configure Wi-Fi and set the encryption mode and password What do you prefer. Click on Save per salvare I modified it.
    • If you have an ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N (Standard or Technicolor) - Click on the button Wi-Fi in the left sidebar, scroll to the bottom of the displayed page and press on Configure Wi-Fi Network. Then type the password you want to use for WiFi, choose an encryption mode from the appropriate drop-down menu and press on Save / Next to save the changes made.

    If you need further details, you can consult the dedicated section attached to the TIM website where, in fact, you will find the complete list of devices supplied by the operator with the relative configuration instructions. Once the web page is displayed, select your modem model from the sidebar on the left, presses on the wording Wi-Fi network management below and follow the instructions on changing the Wi-Fi security mode and the Wi-Fi password on the screen that will be shown to you later.

    Change the login password

    Including how to change the TIM WiFi password, let's now move on to changing the device access password. Below you will find out how to proceed depending on the modem you are using.

    • If you have a Sercomm - Go to the menu Settings> Password and fill out the form attached to the page that opens.
    • If you own one Technicolor Smart Modem - Click on the entry Administrator which is at the top right, select the option Profile settings from the menu and change the modem access password by typing the one you want to use in the appropriate fields.

    • If you own a Fibra TEAM modem e ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N DA2210 - Open the tab with the basic settings of the modem, go to Local Access and fill in the fields relating to the modem access password.
    • If you have a modem ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N e ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N Technicolor - Open the page Access from the menu on the right, check the item Activate and enter the password you want to use to protect the device by filling in the appropriate fields.

    Also in this case, for further details you can connect to the dedicated section of the TIM website, then select your modem model from the left bar and click on the wording Password setting which is below.

    If you need further help

    Despite my indications you have not been able to get a spider out of the hole and would therefore like to get in touch with the assistance of TIM to ask the manager directly how to proceed? It seems right.

    So do this: read my article on how to talk to a TIM operator and follow the instructions contained within it to find out immediately how to contact the operator's customer service. Based on your needs and preferences, you can opt for the traditional call center by calling 119, or for social care services, by chatting on Facebook o Twitter.

    How to change WiFi TIM password

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