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    How to change Fastweb modem password

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    Preliminary operation

    Whether you want to change the password to access the Fastweb modem or that of your Wi-Fi network, you must necessarily access the configuration panel of the device in question.

    Despite what you may think, this is a very simple operation: first of all, connected to the Wi-Fi network generated by the router (or use a cable Ethernet, which is even more effective and avoids possible communication problems), starts the browser that you use to browse online from your PC (or even from smartphones and tablets, if you have decided to operate in Wi-Fi and use a portable device to do everything), enter theIP address of the router in the URL bar and give Submit, in order to display the configuration page of the same.

    Generally, the default IP address of (almost) all Fastweb modems is; if, however, you have changed some network settings or the IP that I have reported to you does not work, you can easily find the information you are looking for, directly from the operating system you are using. Below I'll explain how to do it.

    • Windows: open the Command Prompt from the folder Windows Accessories from the menu Home, type the command ipconfig in it and press the key Submit on the keyboard: the IP of the router is located in correspondence with the wording Gateway.
    • MacOS: open the terminal calling it up from the menu Or> Utility on the Mac and type the command ipconfig getifaddr en1, if you are connected via Wi-Fi, or ipconfig getifaddr en0, if you are connected with an Ethernet cable. After pressing the key Submit on the keyboard, you will see the IP address of the router.
    • Android: open the menu Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi of the operating system, tap the button (I.e. corresponding to name of the wireless network you are connected to and tap the item Advanced. The IP address of the router is specified in correspondence with the wording Gateway.
    • iOS / iPadOS: go to the menu Settings> Wi-Fi iPhone / iPad, tap the button (I) located next to the name of the wireless network you are using and locate the router IP from the next screen.

    If you are unable to enter the Fastweb modem following the instructions I have given you in this section, I recommend that you read the specific guide I have dedicated to the topic (which I have just linked to you), in which I have explained everything to you in great detail. details.

    How to change Fastweb modem password: FASTGate

    If you use Fastweb services using the modem FASTGate and you need to change the password to access the device or that of the Wi-Fi network, follow the instructions I am going to give you: first, start the browser of your choice and connect to the address http://myfastgate, or to the IP that you have obtained by following the instructions indicated in the initial chapter of this guide.

    At the first login, you will be asked to immediately indicate a username it's a Password (to be typed twice), to be used for future logins. If not, enter the username and Password you specified earlier and give Submit, to access the FASTGate management area.

    Now, if you intend to change the modem access password, tap on thelittle man collocato in alto a destra, selects the voice Change Password from the menu that appears and fill in the fields as follows: in username, enter the username you use to log into the router; in old password, enter the access key currently in use; in Password e password confirm enter the new password to use for future logins.

    When you are done, click on the button Apply and log in again to the management panel, using the password you just changed.

    To change the network password Wi-Fi, after logging in to the FASTGate management panel, click on the item WiFi located at the top (if you don't see it, first press on the symbol of three overlapping rhombuses visible at the top left and select the item WiFi from the menu that appears), press on the item Main network visible from the side, or at the top and specify the new network key within the field Password. To finish, click on the button Save Changes And that's it. If you have enabled the option Divide network by band, remember to change the password of the 5 GHz network as well.

    If, on the other hand, you intend to generate a new password to use for the guest network, tap on the dedicated menu option WiFi (located at the top, or on the side) and presses the button Generate a new password now. That's all!

    How to change Fastweb modem password: Technicolor TG788VN v2

    change modem password Fastweb Technicolor TG788VN v2, proceed as follows: open the browser you prefer, enter theIP address of the router you recovered earlier (which should be and give Submit, to access the login screen.

    If this is your first time logging into the router, enter the word fastweb in the username field and leave the field blank Password; otherwise, enter the login credentials you previously customized and give Submit, to login.

    Now, to change the password to access the router, click on the item Toolbox located in the left sidebar, select the item User Management from the menu that appears and press on the option change Password, below the item Choose an activity.

    Per concludere, I inserted the new password in the appropriate text field and click on the button OK: starting from the next login, you will need to use the new password set.

    If you intend to change the password of the Wi-Fi network, click the button instead Home, select the voice wireless located in the box Home network e premi sull'opzione Configure, visible in the upper right corner of the screen that appears next.

    Now, if necessary, expand the section Protection clicking on the arrow to the right located next to its name, sets the option WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK in the drop-down menu Protection mode and type the new network key in the text box next to the entry WPA-PSK encryption key. When you are done, click on the button Apply and that's it: all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network will be disconnected and you will need to enter the password you just changed to establish a new connection.

    In case of doubts or problems, I refer you to reading the Technicolor TG788VN v2 router user guide, available on the Fastweb website.

    How to change Fastweb modem password: NeXXt

    The modem Fastweb NeXXt works in a slightly different way than previously seen: for a precise company choice, theaccess to the router is not protected by a password, as the preferential access channel is through the app MyFastweb (available on the Play Store, on the alternative markets for Android and on the iOS / iPadOS App Store), in which you must log in with your personal credentials.

    So, afterwards, if you don't have the app in question, download it from the reference market of your device: just go to the appropriate section, press the button Installa / Ottieni and, if applicable, authorize the download by authenticating via facial recognition, fingerprint or password of the configured account.

    Once this is done, open theWhatsapp, enter your MyFastweb credentials (those that were provided to you immediately after the request for activation of the services) in the appropriate fields and touch the button Log in, to login.

    If you no longer remember the access data for the MyFastweb app, you can retrieve them by going to this page, by clicking on the button Recover located in the frame MyFastweb, FastwebUP, App and WOW Space passwords and following the instructions displayed on the screen: just insert the VAT tax code of the contract holder, the cellphone number or theemail address issued when the services are activated and after passing the check captcha, click on the button Recover to receive the data at one of the registered addresses.

    Once logged in, tap the ☰ button located at the top left, tap the item NeXXt located in the menu that appears and then on the box My NeXXt, located on the next screen.

    Now, tap on the item Network settings, tap the option WIFI network and locate the box relating to the wireless network for which you intend to change the password (at 2.4 or 5 GHz); if the option United networks is active, you will see a single pane instead. Finally, tap on the pitch Password, enter the new one network key inside and press the button Save settings, to change the network key.

    If you need to change your guest network password, head to the menu instead Network Settings> Guest Network and press the button for generate a new password.

    If you wish, you can also do the same operation via the browser, but I must warn you: the web interface, at the time of writing this guide, does not work correctly and could return errors regarding the security certificate in use.

    To proceed anyway, open the navigation program or app you prefer, enter the address in the address bar and give Submit: if everything went well, the access request should be sent to the NeXXt modem. To authorize the login, you must then press, within a few seconds, the physical buttons Fastweb (the central one) e Alexa (depicting a cue ball) of the modem. The available options are the same views for the app.

    How to change Fastweb modem password

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